Do you own any recording by Still Inertia (or the pre-2001 name "Inertia") published by Compression Records Cleveland? Ever notice an indentification code somewhere on the item or printed in the cover packaging? Ever wonder if there's a pattern?

It takes the form of CR-xxxxxx or CRC-xxxxxx

Yes, there is a method to my madness, and those identification codes are unique indentification tags for everything ever published under Compression Records Cleveland. Every cassette single, album, personal collection compilation, demo, promo, and private commissioned work has a specific code to identify its existence in the world. The discography is continually being compiled and in order to expand on it and make it as complete as possible:

I Could Use Your Help!

If you own anything with those numbers, and would like to help build a complete discography together, could you please email me at and give me the full ID CODE, name of the item, and if you feel like sharing anything more, then feel free to include track listing. Feeling industrious? Attach a GIF or JPG image of the cover and you'll get bonus Karma points with me.

Regardless, anything you can add will be in an effort to proudly support and present a visual record of Still Inertia complete work over the past 10 years. Your name will be added to its credits on the page and hopefully some older works will be remastered and made available for purchase again in the future.

Written & Produced by Jason Kraley (BMI)
Additional Drumwork: Roto Visage
Vocals, Lyrics, Music: J. Kraley

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