"Hatred Poetry" (Ltd. Edition - May 1999)
"The Gathering" (Ltd. Edition - April 1999)
"Inside Me" (Ltd. Edition - July 1999)
"What You Did" (Ltd. Edition EP - October 1999)
"Easily Me" (Ltd. Edition CD Single - November 2000)

CD Promos

There are over 200 promotional CDs in circululation across the country, all with various track listings, versions, qualities, and covers. It started after the CRC Studio was built and a full-length album recording project entitled "Heaven" (now on hiatus) prompted a special numbered series of 10 CDs of the still unpublished album. Furthermore, there have been about 40+ promos created for promoting those original songs.

Most notably are the beige or blue "mask" CDs, simply called "Promo" or "Promo CR-420". The next CD promos abundantly produced were entitled "Underneath", "Excerpts" and "B-Sides" distributed to various people or groups throughout the country between 2000 and 2002.

There are 12 promo copies of the "Collections" CD singlein circulation. Oh yeah, you know the law... it's still my property... whatever. These promos have been in circulation with the local college radio shows and some local stores.

IDs: cr420, cr102, cr202, cd401, cd12601G,
cr12401AN, cr1201-JD, cr200-G, cr700,
cr201-SAL, cr-112400, cr-600sjm

Do you own any recording (cassette, compact disc or video) by Still Inertia (or the pre-2001 name "Inertia") published by Compression Records Cleveland and don't see it in the Discography? Please email a submission to stillinertia@gmail.com and give the full ID CODE, name of the item, and if you feel like sharing anything more, then feel free to include track listings or even a GIF or JPG image of the cover and you'll get bonus Karma points with Still Inertia. And that's a good thing...

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Written & Produced by Jason Kraley (BMI)
Additional Drumwork: Roto Visage
Vocals, Lyrics, Music: J. Kraley

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