Still Inertia's studio, the (CRC Music Studio), is centered around a continual metamophasis and amalgamation of instruments, devices, and the interfaces that connect them together - both analog and digital. No sound work in the past has been processed through a computer until 2006. Before then, everything was manipulated and changed manually (one of the blessings of generation-defect-free re-recording via digital optical wires). All of that is now evolving (evolved?) and changing (changed?), however, as demonstrated in the first "Post-2006-Era" song "Eileen", it's one of the reviewed highlights on the "Invested" album (released winter 2011) entitled "Invested" which has seemingly (silently) brought this album full circle in the 20+ years since the original experimentations of "Still Inertia" in 1991...

The digital studio saw its dawn in December 1999 when my friend Gooding donated a MiniDisc deck and 4-track multi-track tape recorder - an analog studio device that the song "Anti-Depressant" was initially created in conjunction with an Amiga 500 computer and MED editing software for sequencing the rhythms. That project was then shifted over onto the Roland Digital Studio Workstation in 2001. By then, the studio had suddenly entered an entirely digital domain and "yet still became unplugged" from a computer. (The Amiga 500's Y2K glitch killed its functionality.)

COMPUTERLESS, it was decided that technological independency was desired and, until I explored a more dedicated, high-end, audio-oriented computer/studio setup, between 2000 until 2006, Still Inertia would undoubtedly remain semi-unplugged from the computer world (at that time). Since then, Still Inertia's music has evolved into the music you can hear online and offline for yourself. Much thanks to all those who have helped me with my studio needs, abilities, and creations - past, present, and future.

In 2006, after the studio's 4th relocation (to Philadelphia), the latest "Invested" album was "worked on" from 2005-2011. Through experimention through song engineering, backbone sequencing and unorthidox manipulation of samples from actual sounds/instruments, both from myself and from other previous, returning and new talents across the country, Still Inertia thanks the assistance of Sony's ACID Pro5.0 and SoundForge 8.0 on Win XP/7-64bit PC computers. In 2009, ProTools M-Powered 8.0 (for Windows PCs) along with an M-Audio ProWire 610 musical input/output control-gap device joined the studio, merging multiple signal input and out, including powering the studio's newest monitor speakers: MACKIE MR5 Active Studio Monitors. In 2013, Ableton Live 9 was introduced, as well as the brilliantly sounding piano/keyboard replacement (the Casio Privia PX 300-XM), made a sonic environment that fulfilled what this artist was looking for all along.

Special thanks for technical assistance and guidance goes out to Stephen Keever, Gooding, Jason Popejoy, toshio alan mana, Alex Vega, John Rowland and Keith Royer.


Casio Privia PX-300-XM (piano/keyboard)
M-Audio ProWire 610 (Audio Interface)
Ableton Live 9 Suite (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit)
ProTools M-Powered 8.0 (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit)
Sony's ACID Pro 5.0 (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit)
Sony's SoundForge 8.0 (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit)
MACKIE MR5 Active Studio Monitors
Roland VS-480EX Digital Studio Workstation
Sony MDS-JE510 MiniDisc Deck (with GOODING's blessings)
Sony MDS-E12 MiniDisc Studio-Grade Multitasking Unit
Tascam CD-RW700 Standalone Unit
JVC XL-F108 CD Players
MACKIE Micro Series 1202 (12 Channel Mic/Line Mixer)
Korg KAOSS KP3 Pad
RadioShack SSM-60 4-Channel Mixer
Ibanez DE7 Digital Delay/Echo Pedal
Cort Electric Guitar (gift from Mike Williams - autographed 2005)
Didjeridu & Traditional Tibetan Bell
Drumsticks, Rocks, & Rainsticks
Microphones (including a SHURE SM58)
Professional Sony Monitoring Headphones (MDR-7506)
Digital Optical & Coaxial Cables
Too Many Patchcords, Lines & connector/adaptor plugs...
RIP: Optimus Concertmate 990 Keyboard (61-Key)

Written & Produced by Jason Kraley (BMI)
Additional Drumwork: Roto Visage
Vocals, Lyrics, Music: J. Kraley

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