"Damocles' Sword" (Official Digital Release)
6m47s - Digital Single - January 2014 - $0.99 (MP3)

"Damocles' Sword" was originally intended to be the finale song to the entire "Invested" album (2011). However, due to the CD's length restriction of the manufacturer, this mastered song was not included and became a rare, unreleased "B-Side" (which also sparked the possible upcoming "Journeys" EP). "Damocles' Sword" is fully mastered and finally released to the public to usher in the new era of creativities and breaking the writing blocks since the release of "Invested".

Written, Recorded, Engineered & Produced by Jason Kraley (BMI)
Additional Rhythm Patterns: Jason Popejoy
Mastered by Mike Giffin in Los Angeles, California
Performance Rights & Copyright 2011-2014 Still Inertia (BMI)

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Official Rights Affiliation (PRO): BMI
ID: CR-2014-1
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"Invested" (Official US Release)
67 Minutes - CD/MP3 - November 2011
$10 (CD) - $10 album/$1 songs (MP3)


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Official Distributor: CDBaby
Official Rights Affiliation (PRO): BMI
ID: CR-112011-29
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2019 UPDATE: This section is being completely revamped to release older songs in Still Inertia's catalog on a "pay what you wish" (even nothing at all) model... Until this page is fully updated, the song files are being upgraded to MP3-320 (full quality MP3s). Check back as this page becomes updated before the first day of Summer, 2019.

Still Inertia: "Closer To Me" (DVD: NTSC Video Signed Edition)
Total time: 7 minutes - Price: $4.50 US + Shipping ($2.50)  
October 7, 2006 was the official release date of the second music video ever for Still Inertia. It is an exclusively first new music video for a song called "Closer To Me" which is promoting the forthcoming third album entitled "Invested." Using footage spanning over 2 years in Cleveland, Ohio, the final lyrical pieces were shot in a day in Philadelphia, PA. Massive amounts of footage taken in Philadelphia were crunched down during pre-production to workable time-elapsed footage. This video explores the rather ever-changing emotional and mental health of someone who needs to get closer toward their own "within" before they are too far gone. It also demonstrates the continually evolving exploration of the creative boundaries of Still Inertia from its previous years.

The DVD features the full quality version (29.97 frames per second) as opposed to the 15 fps smaller and compressed version in QuickTime format for viewing across the Internet. Fully edited on Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD and finalized with complete menu design and integration on DVD Studio Pro 3. Total editing time: 3 weeks.

Every DVD sold will be signed, and this DVD (originally marked as Region 1) is a Region 0 (Plays in all regions) for NTSC display restrictions only.

(US Release ID: CR-V7)

Still Inertia: "From The Ancient Center"
Total time: 45 minutes - Price: $10 US + Shipping  
Curious? Trust your ears:

"Cetus (excerpt)" Listen (MP3, 1.2M)
"You Shed Light In Me (excerpt)" Listen (MP3, 1.2M)
"Vessels (excerpt)" Listen (MP3, 1.3M)

"From The Ancient Center" is the new album from Still Inertia which serves as the musical companion to an art exhibition installed April 7, 2005, by native Cleveland artist, Christine Siarka, entitled "From The Ancient Center: Mandala Drawings and Metal Sculptures". Christine translates her own personal, contemporary versions of mandalas from the traditional Tibetan concepts into amazing metal sculptures of mandalas. Jason Kraley, working under the musical identity Still Inertia, was commissioned to create music specifically for this exhibit and its installation. Working in the studio with Mike Williams (of MadNote Productions) and Amanda North, this is the first time Still Inertia created an album that concentrates on the human experience during meditation. With such intentions, it is with great hope that the listener becomes aware of the moment in time they create each time this album is played in its entirety; a moment when nature and technology exist harmoniously...

Fretless bass guitars, Siren-like vocal textures, rich layers of tribal rhythms, tints of pianos, humpback whales, a chinese gong, and even a turntable are all carefully and vividly woven together to create "From The Ancient Center". With meticulous continuity, this album exhibits 4 songs (or movements) specifically created for the walking meditation engaged during the exhibition's opening night. The evening was a wonderful success and experience, and the CD was pre-released to those who attended that night. The positive consensus from the participants in the walking meditation was: "I've never heard music like this before." The music was a permanent installation of the exhibit and will continue to encourage the interaction of visitors, connecting the visual art with the music, to create an ever-evolving rock mandala in the center of the room. Photos and video captured its growth and will be released online in the very near future in The Memory section of www.jasonkraley.com.

(US Release ID: CR-40705)

Still Inertia: "Upgrade"
Total time: 76 minutes - Price: $10 US + Shipping  

With the turn-of-the-century CD project called "Heaven" put on indefinite hiatus, Still Inertia has released its finalized version of the "first official Still Inertia album release" (and first full-length album in CD format): "Upgrade". It is an album almost in the form of a collection of songs spanning from July 2000 through October 2004. Thank you to all those who purchased the evolving copies faithfully through offline means. This final version is now finally available for purchase online.

"Upgrade" starts off with one of the latest works recorded in the studio in October 2004 with the song "Off-Season" which features 5 layers of guitar: 3 from the mad genius Mike Williams and the remaining 2 are Still Inertia's first time touching a guitar and the results were stunning, according to fellow listeners. Amongst the album's journey, there are a few indulgent tracks composed within the past three studio years (produced entirely by Jason Kraley) such as "Mother" (2001), "Steve's Key" (2003), and "Dreamwaiting" (2004) - but perhaps some of the best highlights on "Upgrade" are songs that were a result of working with such wonderful and talented guest musicians spanning the years throughout this album. Songs like "More Than Anything" (2000) beautifully mesh the vocal harmonies of Amanda North, the guitar talents of Mike Williams, and the generous drum collaboration with Gooding. Joe Minadeo's signature sound can be heard in "What You See" (2004), Shwag McGinty's guitar and looping talents are evident in "The Prisons Of Language", and (unbeknownst at first to him) Joe Rohan's own guitar pluckings made their way into the personally cathartic "I Miss You" (2003).

If you have been a fan of Still Inertia's music, this is the first time you can have a full-length (and remastered) CD album of what could very well be considered the "best of the best tracks" to be written after the digital studio was assembled in February of 2000. "Upgrade" was remastered at MadNote Studios by Mike Williams with additional assistance from Rob Kress.

2019 UPDATE: This album is in the process of being "revisited" with its original sources and will be played with for modern "close to mastering" techniques this year (2019). Please inquire on availability, or possibly just check back later this summer.

(US Release ID: CR-1004)

"Collections" (EP)
Total time: 29 minutes - Price: $5 US + Shipping  

Released just in time for Tax Season, influenced by recent experiences with a particular bill collector, as well as a collaboration with Mike Williams, has manifested itself into a new song. Fusing electronic rhythms, sounds, and samples with acoustic guitar and piano textures, Collections introduces the rare element of the bill collector himself sampled and trapped in a unique instrumental landscape.

"Collections" opens this 5-track EP. The ambience and depth of the CD turns a notch down and inward as the next track - with the coffee-shop-with-ulterior-motives feel - follows with yet another collaborative fusion between Mike Williams and Jason Kraley as they lay down a soundtrack for a highly unimportant evening at "8 O'Clock, Saturday Night". Two more tracks follow nicely, indulging in two opposites of the instrumental vs. lyrical spectrum. Finishing off is a reprise and an extension of the guitar and piano textures that act out the point when you simply don't let bill collectors get to you... You transcend as "Collections (I Don't Care)" ends out the CD.

(US Release ID: CR-302A)

Also available is a new collaboration...

Jason Kraley & Mike Williams: "Touched"
Total time: 56 minutes - Price: $10 US + Shipping  
Curious? Trust your ears:

"Equity (excerpt)" Listen (MP3, 707K)
"Per Il Nonno (excerpt)" Listen (MP3, 709K)
"Impermanence (excerpt)" Listen (MP3, 716K)

"Touched" is the first collaboration between Jason Kraley (of Still Inertia and CRC Music) and Mike Williams (of MadNote Productions) to create musical atmospheric movements in a mutual arena of audible expression that can be heard and felt. Writing "Touched" was mainly a departure for Mike in terms of how he previously conceived of music with structured composition. Jason took the opportunity to personally explore and expand preconceptions (misconceptions?) of "ambient music", giving it texture and rhythm. The result of their blending musical personalities was well worth their perseverence. The motivation for this beautifully mastered album was to provide a a continuous background of changing atmospheres as a soundtrack for the Touched: Art Exhibition by Wild Plum Productions in Cleveland, 2004. The album features 5 movements that express the many musical representations of the sense of touch, and it was pre-released on the exhibition's opening night, November 26, 2004. Now it is officially released publicly by CRC Music/MadNote Productions.

"Touched" is a seemless movement of musical atmospheres and meditative environments.

(US Release ID: 112604-CR-MN)

All music copyrights and performance rights held by Jason Kraley (BMI).
All music is released under the label identity of CRC-Music.com.

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Written & Produced by Jason Kraley (BMI)
Additional Drumwork: Roto Visage
Vocals, Lyrics, Music: J. Kraley

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