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Music is the most important, unobstructed form of communication. Ever since I was a young lad, I knew music was an important and integral part of me. In 1993 I took steps to structuralize songs and movements, recording them in a pseudo-professional (and presentable) format. Initially, I chose the name Inertia back in 1993 and started taking a serious approach to assembling an album to release to my friends and family. This project became the first album "Aperture", the result of 113 hours of recording interviews with my friends, samples, and sounds, 13 hours of recording improvisation on a baby grand piano, and 12 weeks of computer programming on an Amiga 500. Nothing high-end, the album was recorded with just 4 stereos, 3 microphones, 5 tape players, and 1 cd player.

This wasn't good enough, in retrospect. 3 years passed with the acquisition of a 4 channel mixing board, 3 cd players, a digital sampler for the Amiga 500, and a full size Optimus keyboard. New life experiences fueled an immense change in my musical style. Mental upset and a new chapter in my life, I finalized preparation and started recording songs for the "Dull Boy" album between June 1997 to June 1998.

In September 1998, I hit a critical period of introspection and created a mini studio in the bedroom while eating and sleeping in the living room. If I wasn't working, I was home pushing the limits of my sequencing program and recording by sync'ing my keyboard's 6-track memory with my computer's 4-track sequencing, editting beats and samples on a soundwave level. The end project was a practical dump onto analogue tape. 4 weeks. 4 solid songs. End result: "...The Delusional EP".

In 1999, after a 15 month reality check, new equipment, new home, and new experiences, I completely abandoned the use of a computer to structuralize my music. Gooding contributed a Sony MDS-JES10 MiniDisc Deck, 1/4" line cords, microphones, headphones, and live drum tracks for me to loop via the MD deck itself. In 2000, my studio was completed with the acquisition of a Roland VS-840EX Digital Workstation and a Tascam CD-RW700 CD burning deck. My digital studio was complete for the new century (or so I thought at the time).

On August 28, 2001, it appeared, through intensive research and feedback, that there was not only a band in Australia called "Inertia" but there was a band and a DJ called "Inertia" touring the U.S... with one of their most recent shows being as near to Cleveland as Chicago back in 2001. Though I felt an intensive and personal connection with the singular word "Inertia", I didn't wish to get confused with others. I decided to rename myself as "Still Inertia" to serve as a name with double-meaning. The one being an oxymoron. The other implying that, though I had to rename my musical vision, I am effectively still "Inertia".

My music at that point was (and still is) continually changing and evolving. Between 2001-2006, I did not use a computer to create or sequence my music. Instead I relied on the MD deck and the Roland studio device to work on allowing a song to emerge and evolve by hand. I've had the distinct honor and pleasure collaborating with musicians and vocalists such as Gooding, Mike Williams, Amanda North, Shwag McGinty, Joe Rohan, and Joe Minadeo. Until I reached my ultimate goal of professional duplication and printing, my music was being pushed into the public's slightly-off-mainstream eyes by hand; professionally printed packaging while the music was being burned onto silver/blue-professional grade CD-Rs. Over 340 CDs have been either sold or acquired, and the "Collections" CD single was spread to the college radio stations of Cleveland in 2002 and sold at local stores during that time. Airplay was reported in Cleveland on 91.1 FM WRUW and 89.3 FM WCSB.

In 2004, "Upgrade" officially became the first full length CD, taking place of the "first CD album" concept of 2000 (known ethereally as "Heaven"). A CD single for the song "What You See" was tentatively scheduled for release in the summer of 2005 from this album, however, the idea has been put on hold and only 4 copies were released to the public.

In April 2005, the second album has been released on a CD entitled "From The Ancient Center" and concentrates on the human experience during meditation. Working with Mike Williams and Amanda North, this new album became a breakthrough in creating musical environments where nature and technology could exist harmoniously together. The success and positive feedback continues to this day, and, until such expansion of pressings occur, is available only on pro-grade CD-Rs.

October 2005 marked the geographic relocation of Still Inertia and its studio, which has expanded to incorporate the first time use of computer assistance - specifically Sony's ACID Pro 5.0, Soundforge 8, and ProTools (2009). November 2005 began a trendously creative change in Still Inertia's music, and over 35 songs were created in 6 years. This was majorly in part with "reconnecting" to a 21st century computer and using higher end software and hardware (previously univented or readily available to consumers in the 90's).

Jump forward to November 2011: Jason Kraley (and Still Inertia) joined BMI to professionally strengthen the copyrights held on all songs made by Jason Kraley/Still Inertia - all in preparation for the first professionally catalogued and mastered album release:

Still Inertia's latest album, "Invested", been "in the making" for 6 years, 2 cities and 3 studio locations... Through kind support and belief from Stephen Keever, Gooding, Pepper McGowan and Christine Siarka, it was announced in July 2011 that "Invested" had moved into its the first stages of progress towards completion. The album was revisted, technologically fiddled with and widdled down by the much appreciated assistance of toshio alan mana. In September through October, the album's packaging and presentation was meticulously scrutinized for its graphic design by Jason Kraley himself, with finalization assistance from Terry McMillan of Healey Music. The album was shipped and wonderfully received by Mike Giffin in Los Angeles, California, who took on the project of mastering the enitre album. And finally, on October 18, two final MASTER CDs were ISO-compliantly encoded and mailed off to Healey Music for replication of the first 500 CD editions.

Still Inertia has been working extensively in the past 6 years, welcoming the assistance of guest technicians, lyrical defenders of the mighty pen, and wildly gifted (and ambitiously talented) musicians from around the world including: Roto Visage, toshio alan mana, Lane DiFlavis, Jason Popejoy, Pepper McGowan, Ren Clark, Courtney Ann Smith, Keith Royer, Shwag McGinty, GOODING, Mike Williams, Amanda North, Colin Helb, and the sampled assistance of the Philharmonia Orchestra of London (courtesy of

15 songs remained "on the cutting table" for the forthcoming album, slated for November 29, 2011 release. There will be an unusually unique blend of vocal tracks as well as instrumentals this time around; all guided by Jason Kraley's somewhat frenetic experiences and adjustments (or misalignments) of relocating to Philadelphia. Definitely some highlights of this album, aside from its mastered sound quality, is the first recorded use of an actual Steinway and Sons Grand Piano and the inclusion of the Philharmonia Orchestra of London!

"Invested" also carries with it tremendous support, guidance and voluntary technical assistance from Stephen Keever (the real rockstar), Jason Popejoy, toshio alan mana, GOODING, Alex Vega, John Rowland, Keith Royer and many, many more - including Jeremy Mann whom went out on a wonderous limb, creating custom artwork specifically for the album cover (which also became permanently inked on my entire left forearm in 2007 by Shannon Howard) and album titling Illustrator: Matt Jay of "Invested" will hopefully serve as the embodiment of a most mentally dynamic range of emotional wreckage and beauty in audible form I have ever composed to date.

If one thing is for sure, it's that "Invested" is sure to bring more than one unpleasantly pleasant surprise to your ears before the close of 2011!

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I'm going to continue onward musically via my own atypical (and graphically tactical) methods. If you're interested in more information about Still Inertia, (formerly known as Compression Records Cleveland), collaboration inquiries, contributions to future works or other Kraley Productions releases, please contact me at

-Jason Kraley (a.k.a. Still Inertia)

Written & Produced by Jason Kraley (BMI)
Additional Drumwork: Roto Visage
Vocals, Lyrics, Music: J. Kraley

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